How can I donate?

Please visit our special Just Giving page at

How will you fund the walk?

All the costs associated with the 45 day walk will be covered personally by Xuelin and I.

How much do you hope to raise?

We would love to raise £50,000 for the UK Solidarity Fund.

What are your concerns?

I confess to having ‘let myself go’ since returning from my walk in Latin America last August. It will take me a few weeks to get back to reasonable fitness. Beyond that my concerns are just keeping path and making sure Xuelin is safe as she goes back and forth in the car.

What do you think about when you walk?

Am I on the right road? Will I find accommodation in that town? I wonder if that petrol station sells Diet Coke? I also listen to my iPhone a lot, mostly music with a good rhythm or beat to keep me moving but I get through a lot of audio books. Mostly I am inspired by the beauty of creation and the amazing similarities and kindnesses of people I meet along the way.






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