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Tchau Rio & Thank you

Total distance:3025.88kms/1879.99miles Total fund:262,312.44 gbp I have written these blog posts from some amazing places over the past five months as Xuelin and I have made our way from Buenos A...more

Day 108 (22 July): Flying the Flag

Total distance:2853.88 kms/1772.99 miles Daily fund:11,348.08 gbp+784.00 cny Total fund:52,454.46 gbp+174,308.53 cny We arrived into Barra Mansa late last night after a long and difficult wal...more

Day 104 (18 July): Heroes

Today’s Distance : 36.60 km / 22.70 miles Total Distance:2731.38 km / 1696.79 miles Today’s Donations:£ 20.00+ ¥ 476.66 Total Donations:£ 41,006.38+ ¥ 165,649.14 “We can be h...more