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Day 10: The Best of Bristol

Today Walked:  24.20 miles  Total walk:  149.60 miles  Today raised: £ 100.00 Total raised fund: £ 3171.38 Thanks to the great combination of a hot bath, Chinese traditional massage (by XuelinR...more

Day 9: Marlborough to Chippenham

Today walked: 21.20 miles Total walk: 125.40 miles Today raised: £ 413.88 Total raised fund: £ 3071.38   We were staying at The Bear which was a very friendly pub right in the centre of the im...more

Day 8: Newbury to Marlborough

Today Walked:  22.40 miles  Total walk:  104.20 miles  Today raised: £ 100.00 Total raised fund: £ 2657.5 This was a day to remind us why were are doing this walk: The newspapers were full of cov...more

Day 6: Reading to Newbury

Today walked: 20.20 miles Total walked: 81.80 miles Total raised fund: £ 2057.50 After a fantastic full English breakfast at The Buck Inn, Curridge I just wanted to sit in a comfy chair and read a ...more

Day 5: Windsor to Reading

Today walked:  22.70 miles  Total walk:  61.60 miles  Today raised: £ 1279.60 Total raised fund: £ 1987.50   ‘Just remember, you can’t climb the ladder of success with your hands i...more

Days 3&4: Weekend Woes

Total walked: 38.90 miles  Raised fund: £707.90   I got our of bed after 27.6 mile marathon (technically a marathon is 26.219 miles so I went the extra mile) walking to the bathroom like a sti...more

Day 2: A Bridge Too Far

Today walk: 27.60 miles  Total walked: 38.90 miles Raised Fund: £507.00   “Freedom is not worth having if it does not include the freedom to make mistakes.” ― Mahatma Gandhi   It ha...more