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Day 55–Potsdam Conference

Day 55–Saturday 27 September: Potsdam (Total: 1013.2 miles) Today donation: £7511.15; Total: £27,609.88 The schedule was very demanding in order to finish the walk on Monday but there was on...more

Day 53–Dependence

Day 53: Reesen to Plaue, Brandenberg 27.7 miles (Total: 989.1 miles) Today donation: £7511.15; Total: £27,609.88 The day began with fantastic news. A donation of £5000 (by far the largest so far) ...more

Day 52–Perspective

Day 52: Gr. Ammensleben to Reesen 24.5 miles (Total: 961.4 miles) Today donation: £200.00; Total: £19,273.22 Distance causes an optical illusion. Mountains viewed from miles away look like small b...more

Day 51–‘Animal Farm’

Day 51: Magdeburg (Total: 936.9 miles) Today donation: £100.00; Total: £19,073.22 I don’t think I was imagining things but it appeared that once I crossed the border between former West and ...more


2014年9月29日 贝茨勋爵“为和平徒步” 千里之行暨为“和平村”慈善募捐结束安排: 一段从伦敦启程的1,000英里徒步(总里程约1,030英里/1,648公里)即将于2014年9月29日(周一)上午10:30在德国的勃兰登堡门落下帷幕。 ...more

Day 50–Borderlands

Day 50: Helmstedt to Gross Ammersleben–25.8 miles (Total: 936.9 miles) I am a child of the Cold War. Born in May 1961, the Berlin Wall was erected in  August, 1961. All of my early life was ...more