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Day 21–‘The Wild West’

Day 21–Sunday 24 August Jemappes to Mons 6.4 miles (Total 320.80 miles) Sooner than we thought time was up. My twenty hours of bliss was to make way for another twenty days of blisters. It h...more

Day 20: ‘Homesick’

Day 20–Saturday 23 August Valenciennes, France to Jemappes, Mons, Belgium 20.60 miles (Total 314.40 miles). Today’s donation: £85.00 (Total donations: £10,698.93) I often say that par...more

Day 17–‘Snow in August’

Day 17–20 August: Doullens to Arras 24.9 miles (Total 272.5 miles) Departure days i.e. when Xuelin goes back to London following a support visit on one of my walks is always a sober and quie...more