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所有的徒步行动都有缘由,而今年的“为和平徒步”,灵感则来源于国会参与的一些活动。 第一个活动在2013年11月29日:那天,我有幸在英国国会上议院旁听了一场发人深省的辩论——“伟大的战争:倾听过去,畅谈未来”。辩...more

Let the Games begin…..

As the XX Commonwealth Games get underway in Glasgow I was reminded of my first walk for peace—the walk from Olympia in Greece to London to raise awareness for the London 2012 Olympic truce. Not t...more

Prelude to Walk for Peace 2014

  All walks have their beginnings and the idea of this walk was its origins in the events in different parts of Parliament: The first was on 29 November 2013 when I was privileged to listen i...more