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Day 3: Show me…..

“A paved road is comfortable to walk, but no flowers grow on it.” Vincent van Gogh Day 3: Slough to Henley on Thames—16.32 miles (Total 42.52 miles) Donations £50 (Total: £15,250) I set off on m...more

第2天—— 7月28日,我能飞…

  温蒂:彼特,我们怎么才能到梦幻岛啊 彼特:当然是飞过去啊 温蒂:怎么飞 彼特:很简单,你想一件美好的事情 好啦,看着我,现在我们起飞啦 彼特:飞翔很简单 温蒂:他能飞翔 约翰:他能飞翔 麦克:他起...more

Day 2: I can fly…..

(Wendy)But Peter how do we get to Neverland? (Peter) Fly of course (Wendy) Fly (Peter) It’s easy, you think of a wonderful thought (Peter) yep, watch me now here I go It’s easier to ...more

Day 1–No turning back……

Day 1 stats: 15.1 miles walked (3% of total); a further £470 raised taking the total to £15,020 (60% of the target).              ‘I’m normally not a praying man, but if you’re up the...more