Michael Bates is walking 625 miles (1000km) around the UK to raise money for victims of terrorist attacks in the UK and their families

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Day 36: Reflections on Stage 3–Northern Ireland

Posted on August 23, 2017

  It has been a short five day visit to Northern Ireland with just 53 miles walked but it has been a great experience. There is something special about both the Republic of Ireland which I walked through in 2013 for Save the Children on my way to LondonDerry and Northern Ireland. Part of it […]



Day 35: Our Night with ‘Game of Thrones’ Star [pic]

Posted on August 22, 2017

Now I realise that in giving this blog such a headline I am probably going to attract more readers of this blog than at any time over the past 35 days with the possible exception of our visit to ‘Downton Abbey’ (Highclere Castle). The power of global culture and media is just huge but the […]



Day 33: People Eclipse Places

Posted on August 21, 2017

  Today walked: 13.20 miles Total walk:  480.90 miles Today raised:  £830.00 +  ¥ 3,266.00 Total raised : £10,518.09 + ¥ 79,823.45 I don’t think I have ever worked as hard for a modest 13.2 miles of walking. I had felt so good yesterday that I put in 6.5 miles of today’s walk. That was before picking a ‘short-cut’ across Bainbridge Outlet Park. I should have […]



Day 32: Welcome to Belfast

Posted on August 20, 2017

Today walked: 24.60 miles Total walk:  467.70 miles Today raised:  £100.00 +  ¥ 5,002.00  Total raised : £9,688.09 + ¥ 76,557.45 It has been a long day having walked 24.6 miles, my second longest day of the walk so far, but there was a treat waiting for me as the view from our Bed & Breakfast outside Bainbridge was of the Mountains of Mourne as the sun was […]



Day 31: Last day in England

Posted on August 19, 2017

Today walked: 9.00 miles Total walk:  443.10 miles Today raised:  £ 16.00 +  ¥ 600.00 Total raised fund: £ 9,588.09 + ¥ 71,555.45 After a month on the road we came to the end of the road in England (and Wales) at the Port of Heysham in Lancashire. Originally the plan was to catch a ferry from Heysham to Belfast […]



Day 30: From Solferino to Barcelona (via Lancaster)

Posted on August 18, 2017

Today walked: 24.20 miles Total walk: 434.10  miles Today raised:  £ 250.00 + ¥ 1,652.00 Total raised fund: £ 9,572.09 + ¥ 70,955.45 Today was a day when I was glad to be away from the tv and on the road. The events in Barcelona yesterday followed a familiar pattern–young men seeking personal glorification their warped interpretation of their religion by running a van […]



Day 29: Level Best

Posted on August 17, 2017

Today walked: 22.30 miles Total walk:  409.90 miles Today raised:  £0.00 + ¥ 710.00 Total raised fund: £ 9,322.09 + ¥ 69,303.45 On paper 21 miles from Bolton to Preston on the A675 didn’t look like it was going to be the best day of walking so far, but it was. What made it so? I made an early start–7:30AM The weather was bright and cloudy with a cool […]



Day 28: Manchester Ambition

Posted on August 16, 2017

Today walked: 14.30 miles Total walk:  387.60 miles Today raised:  £50.00 + ¥ 3,200.00 Total raised fund: £ 9,322.09 + ¥ 68,593.45 After a two-day break to help the recovery of my right foot and to allow Xuelin and I to catch up on the mountain of work which is piling up during the walk it was back on […]



Days 26 & 27: Reflection on the the journey to Manchester

Posted on August 15, 2017

Total walk:  373.3 miles Today rasied fund: £ 373.71 +  ¥ 3702.00 Total raised fund: £ 9272.09 +  ¥ 65,393.45 So now we are in Manchester 373.3 miles (602.2 km) walked out of 625 miles (1000 km) and with 25 days gone and twenty days left to go. Xuelin has managed to raise £17,080.01 for the UK Solidarity Fund which is fantastic. To follow […]



Day 25: One last push for Manchester

Posted on

Today walked: 24.00 miles Total walk:  373.30 miles Today raised:  £0.00 + ¥ 7,833.00 Total raised fund: £  8,898.38  + ¥ 61,691.45  This is my nineth day of walking without a break. I have covered 170 miles since my last rest day in Newport, Wales. I have walked nearly 8000 miles over the past six years but I have […]



Day 24: The Wheels Come Off in Stoke

Posted on August 14, 2017

Today walked: 18.60 miles Total walk:  30.00 miles Today raised:  £0.00 + ¥ 1,263.00 Total raised fund: £  8,898.38  + ¥ 53,858.45 If I was asked to sum up a personal philosophy of life then it would be this: ‘Do the right things and you get the right results’. I should confess that this wisdom is not mine but […]



Day 23: A Lesson in Education

Posted on August 12, 2017

Today walked: 21.20 miles Total walk:  330.70 miles Today raised:  £115.00 + ¥ 300.00 Total raised fund: £ 8,898.38 + ¥ 52,595.45 The walk yesterday was about as straight forward as it gets–a single road (A449) took me from the heart of Wolverhampton to the outskirts of Stafford. With her usual brilliance and forward planning Xuelin had selected a hotel (Holiday […]