Michael Bates is walking 625 miles (1000km) around the UK to raise money for victims of terrorist attacks in the UK and their families

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Homecoming Reflection–9 September, 2017

Posted on September 10, 2017

‘If you want to walk fast–travel alone. If you want to travel far–travel together’ (Chinese Proverb) It is exactly a week since Xuelin and I arrived back in London following the walk. A week is about the right amount of time needed for me to think about what the walk this year achieved and where […]



Day 44: The Final Mile

Posted on September 2, 2017

Today walk: 18.40  miles Total walk:  636.10 miles Total raised: over £ 50,000.00, detailed donation list will be published shortly  At 4PM on July 20th 2017 Xuelin and I set off from Finsbury Park Mosque in north London with the aim of walking 625 miles in 45 days and visiting each of the four capital cities of the United […]



Day 43: Food for Thought

Posted on August 31, 2017

We were blessed again by another great B&B to stay in North Lanarkshire, Ridgeland House I am just amazed as to how Xuelin seems to be able to find these incredible places on the walking route. Ridgeland House was started by Margaret Lawson as a way of diversifying their farm income. It was a great decision and […]



Day 41 & 42: Repairs and renewal ahead of final leg to Edinburgh

Posted on August 30, 2017

Total walk:  599.40  miles Today raised:  £ 10,685.00  +  ¥ 7,526.00 Total raised: £ 22,884.09 + ¥  104,790.66 We had planned to try and combine our one day a week rest day into two days to catch up on work and prepare for the final few days of the walk from Motherwell to Edinburgh. With Xuelin’s precision forward planning we managed to […]



Day 40: Chinese Welcome to Glasgow

Posted on August 29, 2017

Today walk: 20.00 miles Total walk:  599.40  miles Today raised:  £ 56.00  +  ¥ 800.00 Total raised: £ 12,199.09 + ¥  97,264.66 Today was meant to be a rest day but inspired by a wonderful night’s stay at The Eaglesham Arms and the possibility of lighter traffic on the Bank Holiday I decided to set off for Motherwell. Not long into the walk I began to realise that […]



Day 39: Eaglesham’s Best

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Today walk: 24.10 miles Total walk:  579.40  miles Today raised:  £ 50.00  +  ¥ 4,926.00 Total raised: £ 12,143.09 + ¥  96,464.66 It gets to that stage in a walk, and this is our seventh, when all that needs to be said has been said and you just want to get on and finish the job. Well this was one of those […]



Day 38: A Day of Two Halves

Posted on August 26, 2017

Today walk: 22.20 miles Total walk:   555.30 miles Today raised:  £ 30.00  +  ¥ 66.66 Total raised: £ 12,093.09  + ¥  91,538.66 There is a term in football (a subject to which I will joyfully return at the end of this blog) that a game was a ‘game of two halves, meaning that a team were either incredibly poor in one half of the game and […]



Day 37: Tea with the Trumps

Posted on August 25, 2017

Today walk: 10.80 miles Total walk:   533.10 miles Today raised:  £ 300.00  +  ¥ 2599.55 Total raised: £ 12,063.09  + ¥  91,472.00 Now I can immediately see why you would be sceptical that this is just another headline like ‘Night with Game of Thrones Star’ or ‘Downton Abbey’ which is a shameless attempt to draw the innocent visitor into reading this blog. And you […]



Day 36: Teamwork

Posted on August 24, 2017

Today walk: 26.20 miles Total walk:  533.30 miles Today raised:  £ 50.00 +  ¥ 299.00 Total raised: £11,763.09 + ¥ 88,872.45 The definition of a team is that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. That might sound a bit too profound or me and that is because it is a statement by Aristotle explaining ‘synergy’ but I think it works […]



Day 35: Reflections on Stage 3 — Northern Ireland

Posted on August 23, 2017

Total walk:  496.10 miles Today raised:  £ 125.00 +  ¥ 1,320.00 Total raised: £11,713.09 + ¥ 88,573.45 It has been a short five day visit to Northern Ireland with just 53 miles walked but it has been a great experience. There is something special about both the Republic of Ireland which I walked through in 2013 for Save the Children on my way to LondonDerry […]



Day 34: Our Night with ‘Game of Thrones’ Star [pic]

Posted on August 22, 2017

Today walked: 15.20 miles Total walk:  496.10 miles Today raised:  £ 1,070.00 +  ¥ 7430.00 Total raised: £11,588.09 + ¥87,253.45 Now I realise that in giving this blog such a headline I am probably going to attract more readers of this blog than at any time over the past 35 days with the possible exception of our visit to […]



Day 33: People Eclipse Places

Posted on August 21, 2017

  Today walked: 13.20 miles Total walk:  480.90 miles Today raised:  £830.00 +  ¥ 3,266.00 Total raised : £10,518.09 + ¥ 79,823.45 I don’t think I have ever worked as hard for a modest 13.2 miles of walking. I had felt so good yesterday that I put in 6.5 miles of today’s walk. That was before picking a ‘short-cut’ across Bainbridge Outlet Park. I should have […]